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Horse Box Mat
EQUIMAT - for stable floors & dors, horse boxes & wash bays.

Equimat comes in 12mm thick, 1745 x 1200mm panels with drainage channels, provides surfaces cushioning and thermal insulation.
It offers a therapeutic, healthy thermal underbed for stables.  Underfloor cold and stable dust is eliminated and casting is minimised.

The drainage channels also afford an air cushion that provides extra thermal efficiency.

Stables require only the thinnest of top beds to absorb urine, substantially reducing mucking out times.  Costs of hay and shaving are greatly reduced in this way.

The resilience of Equimat prevent jarring of joints, in so doing protecting fetlocks and shins.  It provides a non-slip surface, enabling hooves to grip and avert casting.
In horse box trailers and floats, road vibration is absorbed by the mat panels, calming journeying horses.

Experience has proven that the best colours to use in horse boxes are light colours, which create an expansive ambience and removes skittishness on entering the box.  Note the ribbed loading ramp for extra grip.

The floor and wall cladding ensures a cozy, warm insulation for horses, particularly important for winter events and long, overnight journeys.