The Recycling Process:
Scrap tyre recycling at Decramat's plant in Silvertondale, Pretoria.

The tyres are cut up to reprocess the rubber for use in entrance matting and equestrian surfaces.

First the rubber is peeled off in strips just short of the nylon ply, to be granulated for equestrian surfaces.

The remaining nylon ply rubber is then cut into rings, which are further cut and split to form sheets of nylon ply rubber, before being slit into strips for insertion into aluminium entrance matting profiles.
The pile of rubber strips on the right is chopped into rubber chips in a granulator.

All other waste from the mat-making side is also granulated.

The only part of the tyre that cannot be used is the bead, shown below
Recycling: Step 2
Recycling:Step 3
Making the mats - inserting rubber strips into aluminium profile
Recycling: Strips used for equestrian surfaces
Recycling: Left over part of tyre used for feed troughs
Equestrian surface made from granulated rubber
Equitred Equestrian Surfaces
Recycling: Step 1
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