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Other mats available for less functional applications are listed below.  Please note that while the workmanship on all our products are guaranteed, these products carry no durability guarantees.
Light Duty 8mm gauge mats with a PVC underlay are used for loose-lay applications, with or without edging or logos.
Heavy Duty 12mm gauge mats have no backing, to allow for dirt to fall through.  Can be recessed or laid loose with ramp edging.  With or without logos.
12mm Industrial needle-punched polypropylene upper surface bonded to rubber backing.

Can either be recessed or surface laid with ramped edges, with or without logos.  Offers a variety of carpet colours.  Special prices are available on standard sizes.
17mm natural coco fibre with PVC backing. With or without logos.
Effectiveness Rating:

Dirt Attraction: 2
Absorption: 1
Durability: 4
Cleanabilty: 10
Effectiveness Rating:

Dirt Attraction: 3
Absorption: 2
Durability: 6
Cleanabilty: 4
Effectiveness Rating:

Dirt Attraction: 3
Absorption: 2
Durability: 4
Cleanabilty: 6