Equitred Rubber Surfacing
EQUITRED comprises recycled rubber chips which are mixed in with river sand to provide an excellent running surface for horses in arenas, lunges and gallops.
The rubber stops the compacting/crushing of sand, reduces dust clouds and provides a practically maintenance-free, all weather surface.
EQUITRED absorbs the heaviest of impacts, cushioning horses hooves and preventing jarring injuries to fetlocks, shins and riders backs.  It gives the most comfortable ride you and your horse ever worked on.
Providing the area base is solid and levels are correct - with proper drainage, falls and cross-falls - EQUITRED carries a lifetime guarantee.
Diagram of equitred rubber surfacing
You will be able to use your arena even after the heaviest downpour!
Apart from the obvious benefits of ride comfort, fewer injuries and year round access, considerable long term savings are affected by lower maintenance costs, longer horse shoe life and fewer vets bills.
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