Entrance Matting

The average adult male stride is 800mm.  It is thus prudent to plan a minimum of 1,6m walk depth of barrier matting in all walk-through entrances, in order to ensure that both feet have one contact with the mat.

Heavy Duty Traffic areas e.g. retail shops and office blocks, require at least two shoe contacts with each foot i.e. a 3,2m walk depth.

Extra Heavy Duty areas using heavy trolleys, such as airports, major shopping malls and hotels require 4,8m lengths of barrier matting.  Not only does this effect substantial savings on medium to long term maintenance, it saves on cleaning costs from day one.

In areas exposed to rain, it is best to plan for corner drainage in the matwells to avoid damming up, with a minimum fall and cross-fall of 1:100.
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Barrier Mats fulfill a function requirment where the prime consideration is to preserve floor wear cycle by stopping dirt and by absorbing watr to prevent people slipping.

Barrier Mats are highly effective where hygiene and minimising dust particles is paramount as in Hospitals, Pharmaceutical Laboratories, Factory Paint Shops etc.

Your mat type choice depends on anticipated traffic entering a building, bearing in mind weather conditions and external terrain.