Effectiveness Rating:
Decramat introduced effectiveness ratings in the early part of this decade to assist decision makers in making the right product choice for their application.

Considerations include a number of factors such as hygiene, damage to floor surfaces in a building, floor wear-ability, slippery surfaces and long term maintenance of attractive floor finishes.

The prime function requirements of a mat in these contexts are:

1)        It's ability to attract dirt - the more dirt that is trapped, the less dirt is walked into a building.
2)        It's ability to absorb moisture- to dry wet feet and reduce the risk of slipping (damages claims).
3)        Durability - the ability of the material to withstand abuse.
4)        Cleanability - how well it lends itself to being cleaned.

In order to attract dirt, the mat must be static - the more static, the better.  The only durable static product capable of withstanding hundreds of thousands of pairs of feet monthly over a long period is nylon.

To dry off feet, a mat must have an absorbant pile.  A cut pile makes for effective cleaning, wheras a looped pile tends to trap dirt in the mat and can make cleaning problematic.
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